Mr. + Mrs. Zavala | Boho Inspired Wedding

Mr Mrs Zavala-Max Jenelle-0162.jpg

Blogging Weddings, was one of my goals to do in this new year. And I figured I’d start off with Max + Jenelle’s. I absolutely LOVED every part of their special day. Jenelle has an amazing eye for decor and it definitely shows throughout all these images. And she picked an amazing partner for life, Max. One of the most down to earth Groom’s I’ve met. He too, had a lot of input on their day. He not only designed and created their beautiful alter piece but as well did the graphic designs. These two pledged their vows to one anohter in Chico, Ca on a family friends beautiful property. They were surrounded by their closest family and friends, who all showed nothing but love. They truly have the best support system, including Jenelle’s Father, Michael. Unfortunately due to the horrible California fires, Michael did lose his home and all of his valuables. If you feel in your heart, he does have a go fund me account that is linked here GoFundMe

I can't begin to thank these two so much for letting me be a part of their new journey, here below are some photos from their Wedding

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Mr Mrs Zavala-Pre Ceremony-0056.jpg
Mr Mrs Zavala-Pre Ceremony-0001.jpg
Mr Mrs Zavala-Pre Ceremony-0078.jpg
Mr Mrs Zavala-Pre Ceremony-0074.jpg
Mr Mrs Zavala-Pre Ceremony-0061.jpg
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Mr Mrs Zavala-Pre Ceremony-0168.jpg
Mr Mrs Zavala-Pre Ceremony-0165.jpg
Mr Mrs Zavala-Pre Ceremony-0185.jpg
Mr Mrs Zavala-Pre Ceremony-0154.jpg
Mr Mrs Zavala-Pre Ceremony-0163.jpg
Mr Mrs Zavala-Pre Ceremony-0182.jpg
Mr Mrs Zavala-Pre Ceremony-0212.jpg
Mr Mrs Zavala-Pre Ceremony-0210.jpg
Mr Mrs Zavala-Pre Ceremony-0054.jpg
Mr Mrs Zavala-Pre Ceremony-0126.jpg
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Mr Mrs Zavala-Reception-0027.jpg
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Mr Mrs Zavala-Reception-0037.jpg
Mr Mrs Zavala-Ceremony-0002.jpg
Mr Mrs Zavala-Ceremony-0016.jpg
Mr Mrs Zavala-Ceremony-0007.jpg
Mr Mrs Zavala-Ceremony-0022.jpg
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Mr Mrs Zavala-Ceremony-0054.jpg
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Mr Mrs Zavala-Ceremony-0084.jpg
Mr Mrs Zavala-Ceremony-0078.jpg
Mr Mrs Zavala-Ceremony-0074.jpg
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Mr Mrs Zavala-Max Jenelle-0037.jpg
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Mr Mrs Zavala-Ceremony-0102.jpg
Mr Mrs Zavala-Ceremony-0104.jpg
Mr Mrs Zavala-Ceremony-0106.jpg
Mr Mrs Zavala-Family-0038.jpg
Mr Mrs Zavala-Family-0006.jpg
Mr Mrs Zavala-Pre Ceremony-0085.jpg
Mr Mrs Zavala-Bridal Party-0052.jpg
Mr Mrs Zavala-Pre Ceremony-0093.jpg
Mr Mrs Zavala-Bridal Party-0051.jpg
Mr Mrs Zavala-Bridal Party-0049.jpg
Mr Mrs Zavala-Bridal Party-0038.jpg
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Mr Mrs Zavala-Bridal Party-0006.jpg
Mr Mrs Zavala-Bridal Party-0004.jpg
Mr Mrs Zavala-Bridal Party-0020.jpg
Mr Mrs Zavala-Bridal Party-0014.jpg
Mr Mrs Zavala-Reception-0009.jpg
Mr Mrs Zavala-Reception-0013.jpg
Mr Mrs Zavala-Reception-0008.jpg
Mr Mrs Zavala-Pre Ceremony-0051.jpg
Mr Mrs Zavala-Reception-0057.jpg
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Mr Mrs Zavala-Reception-0004.jpg
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Mr Mrs Zavala-Reception-0056.jpg
Mr Mrs Zavala-Reception-0077.jpg
Mr Mrs Zavala-Reception-0083.jpg
Mr Mrs Zavala-Reception-0094.jpg
Mr Mrs Zavala-Reception-0093.jpg
Mr Mrs Zavala-Reception-0087.jpg
Mr Mrs Zavala-Reception-0024.jpg
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Mr Mrs Zavala-Reception-0059.jpg
Mr Mrs Zavala-Reception-0061.jpg
Mr Mrs Zavala-Pre Ceremony-0011.jpg
Mr Mrs Zavala-Pre Ceremony-0017.jpg
Mr Mrs Zavala-Reception-0041.jpg
Mr Mrs Zavala-Max Jenelle-0062.jpg
Mr Mrs Zavala-Max Jenelle-0055.jpg
Mr Mrs Zavala-Reception-0046.jpg
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Mr Mrs Zavala-Reception-0044.jpg
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Mr Mrs Zavala-Max Jenelle-0084.jpg
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Mr Mrs Zavala-Max Jenelle-0156.jpg
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Mr Mrs Zavala-Max Jenelle-0182.jpg
Mr Mrs Zavala-Max Jenelle-0178.jpg
Mr Mrs Zavala-Max Jenelle-0193.jpg
Mr Mrs Zavala-Reception-0108.jpg
Mr Mrs Zavala-Reception-0104.jpg
Mr Mrs Zavala-Reception-0048.jpg
Mr Mrs Zavala-Reception-0137.jpg
Mr Mrs Zavala-Reception-0147.jpg
Mr Mrs Zavala-Reception-0153.jpg
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Mr Mrs Zavala-Reception-0141.jpg
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